Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Message from our Sponsor

At the time of writing this Orsons Retro is gearing up to open it's online retro specialty store so what better time to introduce myself and outline the purpose of this blog.  Orsons Retro is owned and operated by Brisbane, Australia resident Selina Hensley. 

In starting Orsons Retro the goal is to meet a need in the market for fantastic NEW retro must have items. Being an avid collector and appreciator of classic retro themed accoutrements I was often frustrated to find that second-hand, vintage and antique shops were the only source of my favorite and preferred style of home decorating and accessories.  Don't get me wrong, a lovely antique that emanates with history or a bargain second-hand item discovered at the markets or wrestled away from other bidders in a heated ebay auction will always have their place.  Likewise nothing is more wonderful than a family heirloom passed from one generation to another or finding something fun and funky that reminds you of childhood in a flea market but sometimes that just isn't enough.  Or it wasn't for me anyway.  I wanted some lovely, brand new objects that were nostalgic and exemplified classic simplicity. I craved a place to shop for the fabulous and memorable that came without the cracks, bumps and finger prints of others.  In a nutshell I was after a place like Orsons Retro.

And so the dream began ....

Orsons Retro aims to provide a fast and friendly online shopping experience.  (Telephone orders also welcome)  Our range is diverse and varied as we endeavour to be the best online retro specialty lifestyle shop we can be.  Our products are carefully sourced from Australia and around the world and include toys, books, home and kitchen ware, fine millinery for men and women, hot sauce, jewellry, accesories and novelties to give a brief outline.  All items are chosen for their innate yesteryear quality, their fun factor, recognizability and quality craftmanship.  From victorian style lace parasols to Kit-Cat clocks, pocket watches to slinky's and handmade crochet blankets there is a good chance if it is a cherished reminder of the past that you will find it at Orsons Retro.  If we don't have what you're after we are happy to try to find it for you, we are on the look-out constantly for the greatest retro style products available.

The "That's So Retro!" blog is to be a celebration of all things retro.  From recipes to old wives tales, helpful hints, craft tips and upcoming events the hope is to create a place where likeminded souls can congregate and share the wealth of knowledge that exists on living retro.  I hope that those with a passion may jump on board and become a part of the "That's So Retro!" blog.  Do you have a particular talent that you would like to share with willing eyes scanning blogs for ideas and information?  Would it be beneficial for others to learn how to make your great-grandmothers biscuit recipe? (or any retro recipe)  Can the world really do without knowing of your upcoming retro themed event?  If you have anything to share with the wider community please email me on subject titled - That's so Retro!  We would love your contributions.  A sense of community is such a retro ideal afterall and a good one to bring back and keep alive.

There are a number of articles planned for the near future we would love some input on, - retro kids party food and party ideas and winter warmers -stews, soups etc.  If you have anything to share please do about these or any retro subject. 

Stay tuned for opening day and thankyou for your time. 

DISCLAIMER.  This blog is sponsored by Orsons Retro and I (Selina Hensley) will be a main contributor though as this is a venue for discussion and comment  not all opinions expressed throughout this blog will necessarily be the opinion of Orsons Retro or me personally.

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