Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Wives Tale of the Week #4 Never Tattoo a Lovers Name

An old wives tale a week.

Old wives tale of the week #4 -
You should never get a tattoo of your lovers name or the relationship is doomed to end?

In the early days getting a tattoo was something that tribal civilisations, sailors, bikers and the tattoo 'painted man and lady' sub-cultures did but as tattooing became a more acceptable body art form for people world wide an interesting and oft' heard old wives tale developed.  That getting your lovers name tattooed on your body would doom the relationship to fail.

This old wives tale has many vocal supporters today and many people know someone who has been in this situation of getting a name permanently inked on their body only to break-up later. In reality this is just a coincidence and this old wives tale has no real truth to it.  Divorce rates are quite high today (In Australia it is purported that 1 in 3 marriages will end in divorce) and getting a tattoo is extremely popular so it is easy to see how this tale continues to exist. Couples without tattoo's also get divorced or break-up.  It will always be wise if deciding to go down the tattoo track to carefully consider the long-term implications of any body art.

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