Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amusing vintage ads from the 1930's

A friend of mine emailed me some fabulously funny retro ads rom the 1930's and I think they are well worth sharing here on the 'That's So Retro!' blog.  We will be doing a follow up to this soon  with more retro imagery including ads, propaganda and illustrations sometime soon so keep an eye out for that also.
In the meantime ready your funny bone and get smiling ....

Times sure have changed haven't they?!!?.  There was a naivity to advertising back then that has been lost today, gone are the times of Dr's recommending cigarettes or tapeworm diets. These images are also available from and thanks Raechel for emailing me with these great images.  If you have a great retro image to include in our upcoming list please email it to subject titled retro images.

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