Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Remedy - Tea Bags for Tired, Puffy eyes or Dark Circles

Image: tea bags & cup of tea with 1960's pattern background by S. Hensley. Copyrite Orsons Retro

For this handy home remedy the best type of tea bag to use is either black, green or white.  All serve the purpose of reducing black, dark circles under eyes, minimising puffiness and helping to soothe tired, agitated eye symptoms.  Ofcorse for any serious or ongoing problem of the eye area you should see your Doctor or Optometrist for medical diagnoses. 

It's no surprise with our busy lifestyles, air-conditioned environments, the onset of winter (and other seasonal changes like bottle brush/hay fever season also known as spring) and late nights that our eyes (the windows to our souls!) often don't look their best.  The answer to this common problem is just a quick cup of tea away however; the time has come to utilise the antioxidant benefits of tea.

How to reduce dark circles under eyes and eliminate tired, puffy eye symptoms:
Step 1
Boil water and make a normal cup of tea.  (insert teabag into boiled water etc)

Step 2
After tea bag has steeped in boiling water for 5 - 10 minutes remove bag and squeeze excess liquid from the tea bag.  (Don't forget to enjoy your perfectly good, rejuvenating cup of tea!)  Allow the tea bag to cool.

Step 3
Place tea bags over your eyes, place them gently atop of closed lids and ............... RELAX.  Let the world drift gently by.  Perhaps have the radio on your favorite channel ready to go before hand.  Let the tea bags do their thing while you drift, drift away for 10 - 20 minutes.
(while this is occurring the healing power of tea which contains caffeine and antioxidants will be busily alleviating fluid retention, soothing any swelling, fighting aging and relieving from irritation the sensitive skin of your eye.)

Step 4
Remove the tea bags from your eye.  Get on with life only now feeling great and looking your best.

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