Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Wives Tale of the Week #3 Bee in the House so Expect a Visitor

An old wives tale a week.

Old Wives Tale of the Week #3 -
A bee flew into your house so expect a visitor?

Though small and some might say humble creatures bee's have a somewhat well deserved reputation as violent creatures who would sacrifice their own life rather than let harm come to the hive.  Due to this tendency to sting when cornered or feeling cornered (as hapless victims of a bee sting who never even saw the bee can testify, myself included.  When I was stung years ago while picking strawberries I didn't see the bee until after I was stung.)  the relationship between bee's and humans has been somewhat testy.  On one hand we love the  beautiful honey they make but on the other we don't want to get too close in case we find ourselves a target for that toxic (and in some cases lethal to humans) stinger.  It is believed to be due to this uneasy relationship and general fear of bee's that this weeks Old wives tale of the week is based, turning an unpleasant occurrence into something more appealing.

It is said that if a bee enters your home you should expect a visitor.  Never kill the bee or the visit won't go well.  For a pleasant time let the bee leave of it's own accord or chase out the bee without harming it.  While a lovely idea this old wives tale is just that, a tale.  Many people have had a bee in the house but no visitors and from the little we know of bee's we can safely say they don't care much about when or if we have guests or our social lives in general.  This quaint tale is still popular today.

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