Monday, July 19, 2010

Useful Home Remedies Using Salt

A constant in most of our meals and on our dining tables salt has been used as everything from a preservative of meat and vegetables to a form of currency and is also a convenient at home product to use in many home remedies.  Salt is known to have natural healing properties that work as an astringent, antiseptic, increase circulation and work as a pain reliever.  Ofcorse for any serious or ongoing medical complaint we recommend that you see a Doctor.

For Toothache - Add some salt to a glass of lukewarm water and dissolve.  Swish the salted water in your mouth for 1 minute and spit out.  This should help relieve the pain symptoms for up to 30 minutes and will help drain the tooth and clean the area in an antiseptic way.  This is also recommended as a daily treatment for Bad Breath just make it the same and gargle twice daily as a mouthwash.  This also works for Sore Throat.

To Strengthen Finger Nails - Add 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons Castor oil and 2 tablespoons wheatgerm and mix well.  Apply to nails and leave for 5 minutes.  Remove.

To Whiten Teeth - Add some salt and minced lime rind to a toothbrush and brush teeth.  Use regularly.

Salt Wash For Eyes - Boil some water that has had a large amount of salt added to it.  Allow to cool.  Once water has reached room temperature stir well and dip cotton balls into the mix and apply to eyes.  Wash well. This is good for eye irritations caused by hay fever or conjunctivitis.

For Ingrown Hair Removal - If you have an ingrown hair on your leg or body somewhere add 2 cups of Epsom salts to a normal bath.  Take a small handful of Epsom's salt and work it into the area affected by the ingrown hair in an exfoliating, circular motion.  Wash off.  Do this regularly to also prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs.  Similar to this bath but treating Low Blood Pressure- Pour 1.5 kg Epsom salt into a bath of hot water and immerse in water for 20 minutes.  This bath should be taken just before bed.  Salt is also an important addition to the diet of a sufferer of low blood pressure and they should try to eat some salty or spicy food daily.  Salt baths are also recommended for sufferers of Psoriasis and those with a Sprain or Bruise.  A salt bath is also fantastic for Poor Circulation.

Salt Body Scrub - To make a great exfoliating body scrub add 1/4 cup of sea salt to some fragrance and 1/4 cup of vegetable oil.  Combine and use to gently scrub the body - do not use on face.  Wash off scrub when finished.  This will gently remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.  Never use a body scrub if you are suffering from a rash or skin condition.

To Clean a Blocked Drain - Boil a kettle of water with 4 tablespoons salt added.  Pour down drain.  The salt should help unplug the blockage.

To Remove Stains From a Copper Pot - Cut a lemon in half and add some salt to the lemon.  Rub the salted/lemon side against your copper pots.  Rinse with water once cleaned.

To Clean Coins - Add some 4 tablespoons of salt and enough vinegar to completely soak the salt to a container.  Add 1.5 cups boiling water.  (you can vary these measurements on how many coins you wish to clean)  Soak coins in mix overnight.  Next day - scrub coins with a small amount of new concentrated salt/vinegar/water mix and scrub with toothbrush.  Rinse with water and dry.

These are just a few of many different useful home remedies that utilise salt as a main ingredient.  Do you know another home remedy that uses salt?  We would love to hear about it.

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