Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun Retro Thing To Do: Games Night

Board games shouldn't mean bored games.  For something different why not consider having an old fashioned games night with your friends sometime soon.  Or even an old school cards night.  After all when a lot of these games first came out 70 + (and in some cases earlier, much, much earlier) years ago it wasn't just the kiddies playing them. 

Games to Consider:
Bridge, Twister, Scattergories, Poker, Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon, Operation, Mouse Trap, Chess (only 2 players), Mah Jong, Chinese Checkers, Squatter's, Boggle, Rummy, Nightmare, Black Jack, Charades, Celebrity Heads and Yahtzee to name a few examples.

What you will need:
The games to play.  People to play with - your guests or family.  Enough comfortable seating for all.  Munchies - like dip, biscuits, chips, sodas and cocktails (a jug of margaritas or beer with the right crowd would go down a treat), nachos, sushi, chicken wings and other finger foods are best.  Don't forget napkins so your game pieces aren't spoiled.  A sturdy table and playing space.  Time - some games take hours to play through.  Rules - It's always good to have a few general rules right from the start and ensure everyone knows the rules (the same rules too as everyone has grown up playing these games and there are many neighbourhood variations so best to clear them up early and ensure everybody is playing from the same rule book) 

Why not turn it into a theme night.  Something like a 1920's card night where everyone dresses up gangster/flapper style or a team night similar to on episodes of the TV show Will and Grace where teams are chosen at the beginning of the night and play each other. It could be the beginning of some long term rivalry.
Black tie - why not get everyone to drag out their finery for a glitzy evening at your place. 
Want to liven up the party quick smart?  There are plenty of drinking games such as Pass Out and almost any game can be turned into a drinking game just use some imagination. 
Have children and like to get them involved in some games night fun?  This is a great family activity so why not get a bunch of families together to duke it out or have a kids game and adult game running simultaneously. 
I'm not one to advocate gambling but you could make things interesting with a bet if that was your prerogative.  As a kid my friends and I used to play for matchsticks when playing poker so you could do something along those lines instead of betting money.  Loser mows your lawn or something like that maybe.
You could have some fun prizes at the end of the night to winners.  Perhaps something kitsch like a meat tray or a fruit basket. 

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