Sunday, August 1, 2010

Itchy Palms Old Wives Tale

An old wives tale a week

The Old Wives Tale About Itchy Palms

Many of us have heard this old wives tale somewhere along the line.  Itchy palms are supposed to relate to financial matters.  If your left palm itches money is going to leave you and if it is the right palm money is going to come to you.  There is a poem about it - Left to leave, Right to receive.  Scratch it on wood to make it come good.  It is believed that if your left hand itches you should scratch it on something wood to stop losing money but if your right hand itches you shouldn't scratch because if you do you won't get your cash windfall.

Is this old wives tale true?  Even though this is a well known old wives tale there is no evidence to suggest any basis in truth. 

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